Information for visitors

Gardeners’ Days are taking place in Sylvian Culture Center in Gołuchów in direct neighborhood with Czartoryski’s Castle and wonderful park – 17 km from Kalisz.

Entrance to the area of exhibition – at roundabout in Gołuchów take the first exit behind the petrol station – ul. Borowskiego. At the entrance will be big banner hanging above the road. Here starts the exhibition: at first on the paved ground will be exposure of machines, technical tools and devices and means of transport. Farther will be companies’ and organizators’ pavilions and halls A, B,C with different exposures (Map of exhibition).

For those who are not interested in gardening we propose to visit:
- Czartoryski’s Castle in Gołuchów (Institute of National Museum in Poznań)
- Sylvan Culture Center in Gołuchów – museums, plener exhibitions, park and animal farm (with aurochs)

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